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miércoles, 31 de agosto de 2011

"Resurrección", the 3rd part of "Tatuaje", will be published in October

Yes, and it's a wonderful feeling... After so many hours of lonely writing, the last part of "Tatuaje" is about to be printed!

We hope that the readers will enjoy this book as much as the other two, and we are eager to know their opinions. We will publish soon some extracts of the book in our Spanish blog as a gift for our followers, specially those paragraphs featuring the characters created by the readers through our facebook contest.

And here is the cover artwork, we hope you like it as much as we do!

martes, 16 de agosto de 2011

"Tatuaje", now in German

We are proud to show you for the first time the coverwork of "Tatuaje" (Tattoo) in German. Arena Verlag is our publisher there and we are most grateful to them for the magnificent design they've done. We love it!
It's a bit strange for us to see the title changed but we think it sounds great.
We are looking forward to hear about our new readers in Germany. They will be most welcome here!

sábado, 13 de agosto de 2011


These are the books we have already published. Some of them, as you wil find, have been published in other countries, and many more will be translated soon (the deals have been already signed).

Young adult books:

- La torre y la isla (Saga La llave del tiempo), Anaya 2006 (7th edition in print)
- La esfera de Medusa (Saga La llave del tiempo), Anaya 2007
- La ciudad infinita (Saga La llave del tiempo), Anaya 2007
- El Jinete de Plata (Saga La llave del tiempo), Anaya 2008
- Uriel (Saga La llave del tiempo), Anaya 2008
- La Puerta de Caronte (Saga La llave del tiempo), Anaya 2009
- El Palacio del Silencio (Saga La llave del tiempo), Anaya 2009
- El viaje de Zoe (Saga La llave del tiempo), Anaya 2010
- El secreto de If (editorial SM, premio Barco de Vapor 2008)
- Tatuaje, Viceversa Editorial 2010.

- La ciudad transparente (Novela Gráfica, Editorial Jinete Azul, 2010).
- Profecía, Viceversa Editorial 2010
- Yinn (Fuego azul), Editorial Anaya 2011

Children books:

- Versos piratas, piratas en verso, Anaya 2009
- Los duendes del otoño (ColecciónPizca de Sal), Anaya 2010
- Una carta muy rara (Colección Pizca de Sal), Anaya 2010
- El mapa del bosque (Colección Pizca de Sal), Anaya 2010
- Un cocodrilo misterioso (ColecciónPizca de Sal), Anaya 2010
- Blancanieves en la ciudad (ColecciónPizca de Sal), Anaya 2010
- Los tres cerditos y el inspector (Colección Pizca de Sal), Anaya 2010
- Los instantes perfectos, Oxford 2010
- Juana Sin Miedo (Colección Pizca de Sal), Anaya 2011
- La casita de verdurita (Colección Pizca de Sal), Anaya 2011
- El monstruo Comerrocas (Colección Pizca de Sal), Anaya 2011
- Las siete caras del Señor Grunt (Colección Pizca de Sal), Anaya 2011
- La cueva del Corazón (Colección Pizca de Sal), Anaya 2011
- El acertijo de la vida (Colección Pizca de Sal), Anaya 2011
- Un número mágico (Colección Pizca de Sal), Anaya 2011
- El Palacio Subterráneo (Colección Pizca de Sal), Anaya 2011

Foreign Publishers:
- La llave del tiempo: Fanucci editore (Italy), Bayard (France), Sibling Press (UK, New Zeeland and Australia). 

- Tatuaje: Rights sold to Fanucci (Italy), Arena Verlag (Germany), Artemis (Turkey), and Boekerij (Holland)

- El secreto de If: Rigths sold to Michitani (Japan)


Ana Alonso: I was born in Terrassa (Barcelona) in 1970, but I have spent most of my life in Leon, a beautiful town with a splendid gothic cathedral in the North of Spain.
I studied Biology at College, and spent sometime working as a researcher in Genetics, but I decided to change my career and became a Biology Teacher in order to get more time to write.
From 2006 I have become a full time writer, which was my dream since I was a little girl...
Javier Pelegrin was born in Madrid in 1967. He loved reading and creating comics since he was 7 years old. He later studied Literature at the University and become a Spanish Language teacher. He published his first book in 2006. He still teaches because he loves it, but he keeps writing.
By the way, Javier is my husband... and I probably shoudn't say this, but together we form an awesome creative team! At least, we enjoy writing together very much, and readers seem to enjoy the results, too!


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